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There is more to "keeping your eye on the ball" than you might think.

Whether you're the next million-dollar draft pick or a weekend duffer, vision plays a pivotal role in your performance.

Most people think that "20/20" vision means your vision is perfect. But undetected visual skills problems can affect coordination, concentration, balance and accuracy and can seriously undermine not just your game, but simple everyday activities.

How can you tell if you or someone you know has undetected vision problems?

  • Athletic performance below physical potential despite practice and proper coaching.
  • Consistently under performing a certain skill (swinging a bat too early, trouble shooting from the free throw line, etc.)
  • Trouble gauging distances, speeds, or maintaining balance during physical activity

So, what should you do if you or someone you know is having these problems?

Come in for a Comprehensive Sports Evaluation to identify visual skill weaknesses that directly reduce your athletic abilities!
Athletic performances that fail or fall short are usually due to the movement being performed at the incorrect time or place. These judgments are learned skills, and can be improved upon. Training your eyes to effectively gather the proper information can transform your performance from one of luck and chance to consistent, accurate play.

A program of Optometric Sports Vision Enhancement Training significantly improves:

  • visual reaction time
  • speed of localization
  • eye-hand coordination
  • visual stamina
  • peripheral awareness
  • visualization
  • depth perception
  • vision balance integration

...all factors that are crucial for both the amateur and professional athlete!

Accurate vision triggers the muscles of the body to respond accurately.

Our Office Provides These Services:

  • Comprehensive sports vision evaluation
  • Sports vision enhancement training to allow for optimal sports performance
  • Specialized contact lenses to improve clarity, performance and peripheral vision
  • Sport goggles and protective eyewear to improve clarity and safety
  • Featuring the innovative Maxsight Sport-Tinted Contact Lenses by Bausch & Lomb (www.kikevision.com)

Symptoms Of Athletes With Possible Visual Problems

Sports in General

  • Inconsistent performance from game to game
  • Does not perform well under pressure
  • Performs better when still than when moving or out of balance
  • Performance does not appreciably improve after extensive practice
  • ³Timing² seems off
  • Good natural ability but not performing up to potential
  • Ball not always seen clearly
  • Difficulty knowing where the ball or other players are at all times
  • Difficulty judging rotation or spin on ball
  • Over or under-estimating the distance of ball, players or boundaries
  • Difficulty making a specific shot or play
  • Difficulty remembering plays
  • Making similar mistakes over and over again

Specific Sports Baseball

  • Power hitter who cannot pull the ball
  • Good fielder- poor hitter
  • Good hitter- poor fielder
  • Cannot hit certain pitches
  • Strikes out a lot, especially with third called strike
  • Pitcher with control problems
  • Player who performs better during the day rather than night
  • Player who can only field moving to one direction


  • Poor ball handler
  • Poor on the fast break, commits many turnovers
  • Inconsistent or poor free-throw shooter
  • Good shooter only when both feet are on the ground
  • Can only shoot from certain side or distance on the court
  • Unaware of other¹s positions on the court


  • Quarterback who cannot find his secondary receivers
  • Quarterback who cannot pick up subtle changes in defensive alignments
  • Running backs with "bad hands"
  • The end who cannot catch the ball in a crowd or when he is in the air
  • Players who cannot learn plays from the chalkboard or understand formations
  • Defensive player who is never where the ball is

Normal visual findings are not enough for superior athletic performance.

We evaluate, train and enhance all of the visual abilities crucial to athletic performance.
The philosophy behind testing and improving visual skills differs from one sport to another. For instance, peripheral awareness is crucial for a basketball player or soccer player to monitor teammates, opponents and the fast moving ball. Timing, depth perception and accurate hand-eye coordination are necessary for a winning tennis match.

Visual Tracking: The ability to track a moving object smoothly and accurately at any speed - "keeping your eyes on the ball."

Visual Reaction Time: The time necessary for your eyes to see and react to visual information.

Eye-Hand Reaction Time: The ability to efficiently coordinate the eyes and hands.

Eye-Foot Coordination: The ability to effectively anticipate position a low rolling ball.

Contrast Sensitivity: Crucial for skiers, who must see every shadow in the snow.

Peripheral Awareness: Keeping your eye on the ball and simultaneously being aware of other players and the court or field.

Depth Perception: The ability to quickly and accurately evaluate the distance between yourself, the ball, teammates, opponents, boundary lines and other critical targets.

Eye + Body Balance + Coordination: The ability to keep your eye on the ball with varying body position and balance demands.

Services provided:

  • Comprehensive sports vision evaluation
  • Sports vision enhancement training to allow for optimal sports performance
  • Specialized contact lenses to improve clarity, performance and peripheral vision
  • Sport and protective eyewear to improve clarity and safety

Call us at 818-344-3937 or click the link below to schedule an appointment today!

THIS ---->https://visualprocessing.imatrixbase.com/sports-vision.html

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Great service, been going there since I was a small child. Quick to no wait time.

Jennie D.
Encino, CA

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